About Tenuta Moriano



Tenuta Moriano extends in the municipality of Montespertoli, sub-area of ​​Chianti. The territory of Montespertoli had an important role already in the Etruscan era thanks to its road layout that allowed Florence to carry out its trade in the direction of Volterra and Siena: an important road called Via Volterrana crossed the territory of Montespertoli from north to south and it connected with the Via Francigena. In this area, which preserves Etruscan and Roman traces, the first urban agglomerations were formed in the 11th century and concern the settlements of San Piero in Mercato and Lucardo. Subsequently the village of Montespertoli took over for the best potion for market exchange.

The grapes grow and mature on our best lands exposed to the sun and characterized by a particular microclimate and an ideal soil composition for the production of wines of sure quality; in the vineyards the plants have been carefully arranged in ways and spaces that increase their virtues and substance.From this territory fine DOCG wines are born such as Chianti Montespertoli that we produce in limited quantities and other wonderful wines of superior quality made with carefully grapes selected as the Thought and the Tufesco.




The Tenuta Moriano winery is our deep heart, where our products are produced and stored.
The cellar and the wine shop collect the meaning of all our patient work and our passion.

You will find our products on display, to be savored on the spot or to be purchased as a souvenir of your holiday.

The staff of Tenuta Moriano is available to provide information, but also to conduct guided tours and tastings, trying to convey the true secrets and curiosities of the world of Chianti wine.

A fascinating world, made of Tuscan tradition and advanced technology.



The grapes are vinified in modern steel vats, managed by an efficient electronic system that manages the fermentations, to turn into Chianti wines and IGT wines of the highest quality.

In addition, in the depths of the cellars, in the protected atmosphere in a precious barrel cellar with oak barrels, our best wines age.

A propitious and welcoming place, our cellar is the ideal environment for lovers of good Tuscan wine and for those who want to know its origin and tradition.



 The wine shop is the place where it is possible to taste and buy all the company's products: Chianti wines, grappa, liqueur and extra virgin olive oil, available in individual bottles, cartons or gift packs.



We want Tenuta Moriano with its vineyards, each with different characteristics, to be the expression of Tuscany but also to preserve this diversity in wines that reflect each individual terroir while respecting its nature and authenticity. Our work is dedicated to those who live the present intensely but with a careful look at the history and the magic of the time, and to those who drink our wine are excited in perceiving the strong bond with our land.


Tenuta Moriano