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Oil 2020

VARIETY OF OLIVES: Frantoio, Leccino, Moraiolo.

PRODUCTION AREA: Montespertoli (Florence), 250m above sea level, in medium-textured soil.

COLLECTION METHOD: The harvest is carried out in the first ten days of November by hand stripping. The olives are stored in crates until pressing.

CRUSHING: Within 24 hours after harvesting, extraction in a continuous cycle at low temperature.

STORAGE: Stainless steel drums at constant temperature.

TASTING NOTES: Green color. Net aroma of olive with herbaceous scent. Sensations of fruity, green, bitter and slightly "pinch".

Tenuta Moriano's extra virgin olive oil has always been appreciated for its superior qualities. Fragrant, balanced, with intense aromas, it is always obtained with ancient procedures, from hand picking to crushing with stone millstones.